A Tribute to Officer Sean Louis Callahan

Clayton County police Officer Sean Callahan was honored Monday, April 22, 2013 during a ceremony where his name was unveiled on the moving memorial wall recognizing men and women killed in the line of duty.

Callahan, 24, of Kennesaw is the first officer from that department to die by gunfire in the line of duty. At the time of his December 18th death, he was the second countywide officer in Clayton to die in 17 months.

Callahan was born in New Orleans and attended Lassiter High School, Reinhardt University and Kennesaw State University. Callahan enjoyed swimming, racquetball and working out. He was also an avid reader.

He put himself through the police academy rather than seek out a law enforcement agency to sponsor him and was hired in August by the Clayton County Police Department.

“I miss him so much. Sometimes I can’t believe he’s gone,” said Darlene Callahan Rogers, the officer’s mother.

Officer Callahan was just 24 when he was killed.

“I ask myself sometimes if he knew what was going happen that day if he would have come to work and I think the answer is yes. He would have because he knew what it meant,” said Darlene Callahan Rogers.

More than 600 officers’ names now appear on that memorial wall.

Clayton County honors the life of Officer Sean Louis Callahan. He will never be forgotten.

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