Community Impact

1. Builds Connections- Strengthens, deepens and expands relationships, better connects the people and resources in your community.

2. Advances Our Mission- Serves as a core reason for existing for the community and instantly connects all commissioners with their districts.

3. Helps Build Relevance- As we reflect on our audience, their interests and aspirations, we become a part of their lives and mean more to them.

4. Increase Value- The greater the impact on the lives of individuals in our community, the more they value the station. The station becomes more important to the community.

5. Improves Community Awareness– As we increase the interactions the station has with people in the community, on different platforms, we can create buzz as we extend substance of the depth and breadth of important issues confronting the county.

6. Impacts Behavior- Research shows engaging people in a meaningful way makes them 77% more likely to be involved with the station.

 7. Strengthens the Community– Bringing people together in dialogue is shown by research to increase their likelihood to become involved in their community by 44%.

8. Improve Solvency- Community Engagement is a high priority with many funding sources, it can bring new dollars in, increase value for underwriters, cultivate new members & increase connections with donors.

9. Increases Diversity- Expands our reach, engage new audiences, develop diversity of race, background, influence by creating opportunities and outlets to engage new populations and emerging leaders.

10. Effective Media Tool– The most effective and valuable community engagement tool that creates cooperation and encourages community involvement while reaching the masses with a creative and consistent stream of positive publicity.

11. Provides Public Information- Provides the public with information about local government operations through coverage of public meetings and government proceedings in action.

12. Promotes the County– Showcases services provided to the community. Produce various programs covering county-sponsored events. Promote the county to investors, developers and various stakeholders in and outside of Clayton County.

13. Emergency Communications- Improves emergency communications in the event of a disaster or widespread service disruption.

14. Archives- Creates a library and archives of county programming for historical purposes.

15. Builds Partnerships- Create partnerships and generates sponsorships from businesses, tourism and other not for profit organizations.